Sushi Island

Sushi Island is a unique and original Marinepolis-designed concept device that allows Sushi Land to take its restaurant experience on the road! The transportable sushi conveyor belt was the brain child of sushi-loving engineers in Japan in the 1990s who wanted to be able to bring the kaiten-zushiya, or conveyor belt sushi restaurant, to private homes and parties.

The invention was an instant success and another portable sushi conveyor belt was constructed for exclusive use by Marinepolis USA in 2001 and Sushi Island was born! The fact that this is the only device of its kind – in Japan and the United States – makes it a fantastically innovative and memorable catering opportunity.

Sushi Island is made up of various components and pieces that are assembled on-site in about an hour by trained Sushi Land chefs. As similar to our restaurants, chefs work behind the belt making the same items available at Sushi Land storefronts. Party guests enjoy helping themselves to various items circling on the conveyor, just as they would at our store!

The device's design allows different sizes to be assembled given the amount of pre-ordered sushi and the space allotted for the event.


Catering Service

We bring everything to you. Our portable conveyor belt, ingredients for sushi, sushi chef(s) and all necessary supplies and equipment.

About the Conveyer belt


  • Smallest: 10.5 ft x 3.5 ft
    Total space needed: 13 ft x 6 ft
  • Largest: 22.5 ft x 3.5 ft
    Total space needed: 25 ft x 6 ft
  • Other: two alternative "in-between" sizes are available for different situations

Electrical Requirements120V outlet

Location RequirementsPreferably indoor and on the first floor with a convenient water supply. A higher floor is okay if there is an elevator available for use.


Arranging Service

  1. Phone or Email:
    We'll need at least two weeks of advanced notice to prepare the Sushi Island service. Call 503.297.1575 or send an e-mail to to schedule an event or to request additional information. 
  2. Discuss and verify:
    1. Number of guests
    2. Location
    3. Menu
    4. Total Price
    5. Start Time
    6. Duration
  3. Prep the location for Sushi Island:
    1. 2nd floor (or above) locations require elevator access
    2. Electrical outlet (120V) close-by
    3. Convenient water supply
    4. Adequate Space / accessibility to Sushi Island conveyor belt for guests

On the day of the event

  • Set up: takes 60 minutes - prior to event start
  • Duration: Sushi Island serves your event typically for a maximum of two hours
  • Take-down: takes about 30 minutes





Base Charge includes: 

Sushi Island and three sushi Chefs for 2 hours ($50 extra for an additional hour): $400

Minimum sushi value ordered: $300

Minimum total price: $700